Civil societies will have to find solutions to the many challenges of today and tomorrow. Following in the tradition of its founder Gerd Bucerius, the ZEIT-Stiftung sees itself not just as a part of, but as force for good in a liberal and open civil society.

The foundation realizes its aims through its own projects and institutions, but it also grants funding to individuals and organizations who dare to innovate, and thus inspire change in science and research, culture and education.

We lend our support to creative endeavour and open-ended experimentation, but we also invest in the preservation of our cultural heritage.

We help highly gifted and motivated individuals - especially young people - to discover and realize their potential. We aim to stimulate intercultural debates and provide networking opportunities in the spirit of cosmopolitan exchange.

We are motivated by the need for open debates on current issues in politics, society, culture and science, and by the need to find interdisciplinary solutions to local as well as global challenges.

Through the activities of the foundation, we aim to inspire, motivate, and achieve lasting change. Achieving these goals is not always possible. Learning from experience and growing as a result - this too is one of our lasting aims.