The Bucerius Institute conducts research into social and historical topics concerning German society today, with the aim of promoting contemporary Germany as a subject for historical research. The institute was established by the ZEIT-Stiftung in 2001 at the University of Haifa in the North of Israel, and facilitates exchange among researchers in the field through visiting grants for postgraduate and professorial researchers.   

Long-term visits, especially by young researchers, promote the exchange of ideas beyond the confines of a single discipline and enable personal relationships to flourish. Lecture series - for example on matters of migration and integration - visiting lecturers, workshops, and colloquia all serve to disseminate knowledge of the political and social realities of the Federal Republic of Germany in Israel. 

The University of Haifa provides a unique academic environment: 20 per cent of the 17,000 students are members of the Arab or Druze communities.

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