“Trajectories of Change” supports Ph.D. students in the humanities and social sciences researching historical and current transformation processes in the European neighbourhood. The programme offered in the years 2014 till 2018 in total 91 stipends and fieldwork grants. The foundation supported dissertation research dealing with Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East as well as Central Asia. The yearly call for applications addressed following topics: “A New Social Contract? Reshaping State and Society” (2014), “The State of the State: Organizing Power, Authority and Legitimacy” (2015), “Contestation Past and Present: Institutions, Processes and Orders” (2016), “Reshaping the Public Sphere” (2017), and “Transnational and Regional Dynamics” (2018).

“Trajectories of Change” fellows form an international and interdisciplinary network of scholars studying the European neighbourhood – a region having experienced in the last decades armed conflicts, political transition and authoritarian restoration. Research results from the dissertations funded in this framework are included into publication projects and discussed during workshops and working group sessions. A closing conference for the programme is planned in autumn 2021.

Further information: www.trajectories-of-change.de.

The ZEIT-Stiftung offered 'Trajectories of Change' scholarships in collaboration with the Claussen-Simon-Stiftung.

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