Living with Contested Borders: The Case of Israel-Palestine: The implications of Borders in the Palestinian-Israeli Context on the Intimate Lives of People

The second session will address the following subjects: borders within the LGBT and queer community in Israel, trans activism in Israel, the implications of the current borders on the intimate life of couples of Israeli-Jewish women and Palestinian men, and the way in which Israel’s contested borders reflect the limitation over different emotional expressions of Palestinians.

Crossing the Border: Relationships between Israeli Jewish Women and Palestinian Men Living in the Occupied Territories

      Natalie Baruch is a Ph.D. Candidate in Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. She is also the executive director of The Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow – New Discourse (Hakeshet Hademocratit Hamizrahit), a Mizrahi organization founded to defend human rights, promote social justice, and narrow the social gaps in Israeli society. She is the daughter of Iranian parents and is a feminist peace activist.

Performativity and Solidarity: Love beyond Queer Borders

     Yael Mishali is a feminist/queer writer, activist and performer. She is a lecturer in both the Women and Gender Studies Program at Tel Aviv University and the Gender Studies Program at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, as well as a member of the organizing committee of the largest Israeli conference devoted to LGBT studies and queer theory - ‘An Other Sex’. Her work addresses questions of marginal autobiography and experience, intersections of gender, sexuality and race, lesbian culture and the reciprocal relation between feminist and queer thought. Her current work focuses on the potential meanings of ethnic origin in shaping the sexuality and gender of Mizrahi (Arab-Jewish) queer people in Israel. 

Trans-Activism in Israel: Building the next Generation of Gender Transformation

       Noam Shaulsky is a B.A. student in Gender Studies and Literature, as well as an instructor for a transgender youth group in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Noam has won the 2017 Moran Tzafrir scholarship for excellent research of trans and gender non-conforming issues. His previous work focused on the manifestation of a trans community on Youtube and its implications on trans-socialization. In 2018 he organized and led a fundraiser for higher education scholarships for trans people. Currently, he works in social media.

From territorial borders to intimate limitations

       Samira Saraya is a Palestinian gay woman, born and raised in Haifa, a city in the north of Israel. She is an acclaimed television, movies and theater actress, and the winner of a special mention for a unique acting at Acre Festival for alternative theater 2012, of supporting actress at the Fringe Theater awards for 2015 and 2017 and a of the “best actress” award in the 2017 JFF (Jerusalem Film Festival). She is a feminist activist, cofounder of the organization “Aswat” (Palestinian Gay Women). Samira holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and she is currently a MA student in cinema at Tel Aviv university. 

The second session will be chaired by Debby Ferber