Data Protection Notice

The legal responsibility of this notice rests with ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius, D-20148 Hamburg, Feldbrunnenstraße 56.

ZEIT-Stiftung attach great importance to the protection of your personal data. The data collected when you visit our website are stored and used in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We regard your personal data as strictly confidential. This data protection notice provides information on how the ZEIT-Stiftung deals with the data and information that are collected when you visit the webpages of our organization.

1. Data Collection and Processing

Personal data are, according to Art. 4 GDPR, all information relating to an identifiable person, e.g. Name, postal and e-mail address or telephone number. This includes usage data such as IP addresses. ZEIT-Stiftung ensures that only relevant data is collected and stored. Whenever personal data such as your name and e-mail-address are collected on our webpages, this is subject to your consent, for example if you order further information or our newsletter according to the GDPR, Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b) and f). Your personal data are used exclusively for the intended purpose and within the scope required; under no circumstances are the data shared with third parties. IP addresses are held by the hosting service for three days. The hosting operator itself works with other providers to protect the websites from fraudulent activity. In doing so, he ensures compliance with legal requirements through data processing contracts and appropriate guarantees for data transfers to third countries.

2. Newsletter

If you wish to order our newsletter, we require your name and email address for mailing. Signing up for this is done through the double opt-in process. You will only receive the newsletter once you have confirmed your registration via the email and link sent by us. The date and IP address of the order are kept. Subscribers to the newsletter can unsubscribe at any time on our newsletter page. For changes to your email address, please use the contact form provided. The legal basis of this data  processing is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a) and b) GDPR.

3. Events

Our webpages also allow you to register for specific events. Beyond registering with your contact details, there may be an option to register for follow-up events. Some events require security measures that may entail the collection of additional personal data. In this case, you consent in accordance with Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f) and Art. 7, GDPR.

4. Cookies

Whenever you visit our web pages, this entails the automatic collection of data in the form of cookies. A cookie is a small amount of data that is saved by the web-browser on your computer. It interacts with your web browser and is designed to enable the full functionality of the web pages. To do so, the cookie reads data regarding the model of computer used, the operating system, the location, and the duration spent browsing the pages in question. No personal data are stored in the cookies used to access our webpages. The following cookies are used on our pages:




Optimizes functions of the user interface and is deleted once you have left the site


Cookie for Matomo tracking, a web analysis service

(see para. 9.)

5. Data Transmission to Typekit

In order to achieve optimal web typography for the reading of digital texts and for the use of font styles, the ZEIT-Stiftung uses the Adobe Typekit service on its web pages in the sense of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f, GDPR. For billing purposes, the service provider requires the following information from the ZEIT-Stiftung:

• Which fonts are provided by which service
• Web project ID
• JavaScript Version of the web project (string)
• Style of the web project (configurable or dynamic string)
• Embedding style (whether JavaScript or CSS is used)
• User-ID of the client (identifies the client from which the web project derives)
• Application required to use the fonts (e.g. Adobe Fonts)
• Server providing the fonts (e.g. server from Adobe Fonts or CDN)
• Host name of the download page
• The time needed for the web browser to download the fonts
• The time from downloading the fonts with the web browser until the use of the fonts
• Whether an ad blocker is installed, allowing determination of whether the ad blocker is interfering with the correct tracking of page views
• Operating system and browser version

Adobe collaborates with other font providers in order to be able to provide the required fonts for visiting our websites on your computer via Typekit. The loading of these web fonts is enabled through a server call to Adobe. This entails at a minimum the storing of the IP-address of the browser on your computer by Adobe. Further information is available in the Adobe data protection guidelines.

6. Links to Websites of Other Providers

The web pages of the ZEIT-Stiftung may contain links to other websites. No data are transmitted to "social media" companies. Unless the user follows a clearly marked link, there is no data transmission to the link in question. On our website, we embed videos on the Youtube platform. When you visit a page with the YouTube videos, it will connect to Youtube's servers. If a Youtube video is started, the provider uses cookies that collect information about user behavior. If you are logged into your Youtube account, Youtube can assign your surfing behavior to you personally. We cannot influence or monitor whether other providers comply with data protection laws. This data protection notice applies only to the website of the ZEIT-Stiftung.

7. Online presence on social media platforms

We have an online presence on social networks and platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The "fan page" you visit gives you an opportunity to respond to our offerings and to comment on our content. During your interaction you may be transmitting some personal data that we will process on the basis of our legitimate interests for optimizing the information we provide and the way in which we communicate with our users in accordance with Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f) GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Please be advised that in doing so, we may also process the data of users from outside the European Union. This user data will generally be used for the purposes of market research and advertising. Any information requests or claims pertaining to user rights legislation are best directed to the providers. Solely the providers are able to access user data and are therefore able to provide information and take appropriate measures. In connection with any requests related to Facebook, we would like to point out that the primary responsibility for providing information in accordance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) lies with Facebook. Facebook provides information on its data policy here. For further information about page insights data provided by Facebook, click here. In the event that you require further help, please don't hesitate to contact us.

8. Security

In order to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of personal data, the ZEIT-Stiftung undertakes all necessary technical and organizational security measures to prevent loss of data, its misuse or unlawful access. For this reason, the data are stored in a secure system environment. Please be advised that there is a risk of security breaches during data transmission by email via the Internet. We cannot guarantee complete protection against unauthorized outside access to computer material and data.

9. Data Subject Access Requests

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Art. 15 para. 1 you may ask to see the information about yourself that is held on computer, and may exercise the right for the data in question to be corrected, blocked or deleted. If you have any questions, please contact the data protection officer of the ZEIT-Stiftung at You have the right to object to data processing and a right to data portability according to Art. 20, GDPR. We refer to a supervisory authority: Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, D-20459 Hamburg, Ludwig-Erhard-Straße 22.

10. Web Analysis Services

Our websites use Matomo. This is a tracking service that provides analysis of the use of our web pages. To this end, the information generated by the cookie _pk_* (including your abbreviated IP-address) is sent to our server and saved for analytical purposes, for example the duration and sequence of your search on our pages. This information enables us to measure user frequency and helps us improve the attractiveness and functionality of our web pages. Your IP-address is immediately anonymized as part of the process, which means that you as a user remain anonymous to us. The information on your use of our website that is generated by the cookie is not shared with any third party. You can disable the cookies through the appropriate setting of your browser software, but this may result in your being blocked from using some of the functions of our website.

If you wish to prevent collection and analysis of these data during your visit to our website, you may opt out of the collection and use at any time simply by mouse click. In this case, a so-called opt-out cookie is created in your browser with the result that Matomo collects no session data.  Please note that whenever you delete your cookies, the opt-out cookie is automatically also deleted and will have to be reactivated on your next visit.