“Trajectories of Change” addresses historical and current transformation processes in the European neighbourhood.

The programme offers stipends and fieldwork grants for Ph.D. students in the humanities and social sciences studying political and social change in Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East as well as Central Asia. The current call for applications “Reshaping the Public Sphere” encouraged research projects dealing with the changes in the public sphere, and their impact on transformation. In this case 17 projects with scholarships and grants were promoted.

Both democratization attempts and authoritarian developments in the European neighbourhood demonstrate the critical role of the public sphere for political and social change. Expanding communication technologies help to mobilize the public and enable new forms of exchange. How does the public sphere change in times of transformation and conflict? Which divisions and relationships of force are relevant? How can democratic and authoritarian characteristics be differentiated? How do public spheres vary cross-nationally?

Further information: www.trajectories-of-change.de.

The ZEIT-Stiftung is offering the scholarship programme 'Trajectories of Change' in collaboration with the Claussen-Simon-Foundation.

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