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Young leaders from a wide range of fields are given a forum to engage with questions of global governance: journalists, parliamentary researchers, members of NGOs, business consultants, assistants to boards of directors, and politicians.

The next Bucerius Summer School on Global Governance will take place from August 11 to 21, 2023.

The last Bucerius Summer School on Global Governance took place under the title "Facing new Realities: Global Governance under Strain" between 14 and 25 August 2022. "Redefining Governance: The New Normal, Geopolitics, Digitalization, and Climate Change" was the topic in 2019, "A Disrupted World and the Future of the Liberal Order" in 2018.

Former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt defined the aim of the fortnight's convention as follows: "The issue of the continued relevance of global governance in an increasingly globalized world is the focus of the Bucerius Summer School." Further information on the Bucerius Summer School can be found at: www.bucerius-summer-school.de.

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