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WAS Strategic Foresight
Trajectories of Change – Reshaping the European Neighborhood

The program “Trajectories of Change” addresses historic and current processes of transformation at the eastern and southern borders of Europe. Under the framework of the program and in partnership with the Claussen-Simon Foundation, the ZEIT STIFTUNG BUCERIUS has awarded 92 PhD scholarships and research grants to projects that are examining developments in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the MENA region (Middle East and Northern Africa).

Through intensive exchange, networking and close cooperation with the international advisory board, a comprehensive web of expertise has been created. Research findings nurture political and social discussions on the future of the European neighborhood and the prospects for an expansion of the European Union. The ZEIT STIFTUNG BUCERIUS has also initiated a “Strategic Foresight” report on EU enlargement, which was published in 2024 in cooperation with the Res Publica Foundation in Warsaw and can be accessed here. With these efforts, the foundation is strengthening the cooperation between academia, political consultants, the media and civil society. Moreover, it is giving expert voices from candidate countries and from EU neighbors a more prominent role in foreign policy and geopolitical debates. Further information can be found at www.trajectories-of-change.de.

Contact Person:
Dr. Anna Hofmann, Director/Head of Research and Scholarship, hofmann@zeit-stiftung.de


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