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The "Free Media Awards – Supporting Independent Journalism in Eastern Europe“ are up to the ZEIT-Stiftung together with the Norwegian Stiftelsen Fritt Ord. Since 2016, each year five prizes are available to independent journalists and media from Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia or Armenia.

The "Free Media Awards 2019" receive the 7x7 regional online platform from the northeast of Russia for the unique collaboration between journalists, bloggers and activists; the independent Russian media platform The Insider for their critical and investigative journalism in Russia; CivilNet in Armenia for reporting during the "Velvet Revolution" 2018; the journalist Hafiz Babali for his efforts to show both the Azerbaijani and the international community the extent of corruption within the Azerbaijani society, as well as the independent Ukrainian weekly Novoye Vremya for their investigative reports on corruption and abuse of power in Ukraine.

The awards will be presented by the ZEIT Foundation and the Fritt Ord Foundation at the "Free Media Awards Conference" in Vilnius, Lithuania, on November 18th and 19th.

A six-member jury decides on the award of the Free Media Awards. They include Ane Tusvik Bonde, Regional Manager, Eastern Europe and Caucasus of the Human Rights House Oslo, Alice Bota, Moscow correspondent of the ZEIT, Yuri Durkot, freelance journalist and translator, Lviv, Guri Norstrøm, correspondent of the Norwegian television in Berlin, Martin Paulsen Eastern Europe expert, and Silvia Stöber, freelance journalist and author, Hamburg.

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