Bucerius Law School

Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, the first private law school in Germany, practises a rigorous screening and selection process. The school offers its students a practical and internationally-oriented course of studies, as well as a broad range of study options in the 'studium generale' scheme. The annual intake is approximately 100 students. 

The law school is among the leading universities, and has the highest ranking of any law faculty in Germany. The outstanding final results are testament to the high levels of aptitude and application of its students: 75 per cent of its graduates achieve a first-class degree, compared with only 25 per cent of students at state schools.

Bucerius Law School offers a one-year program, the 'Master of Law and Busines' and several Summer Programs.

Bucerius Law School provides information about its teaching and research programs at www.law-school.de