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From the Digital Charta to Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide

The Bucerius Lab is actively following and studying the societal changes resulting from the digital revolution, and it aims to create forums facilitating both discussion and debate. The diverse nature of the inquiry quickly becomes apparent from the spectrum of topics focused upon by the Lab thus far:

The Digital Charta initiative sought to strengthen fundamental rights in the digital age. Following a rigorous consultation process, the project ultimately produced a Digital Charter proposing future fundamental rights. But the importance of civil rights in the digital age should also be emphasized through the formulation of state objectives and potential tasks for European legislators. The Charter can be read here: digitalcharta.eu.

The exhibition “Out of Office” depicts the fundamental upheaval produced by robots and artificial intelligence (AI) in the working world. The exhibition considers what further changes might lie ahead and asks how we – as people and as a society – wish to cope with these changes.
Click here for a digital version of the exhibition: outofoffice.hamburg 

Is the vision of a global village outdated or is it indeed possible to create links to regions located beyond urban centers? What contributions can technology make to a decentralized global society? What should a “Global Village 2050” look like – and what course should we set today? These and other questions were considered in “#Stadt.Land.Zukunft” (#City.Country[side].Future.) Titled after a children’s game that rewards both knowledge and an ability to think outside the box, the project explored our understanding of residential settings as the hub of life and work in a digital culture. 

Further information on the project can be found here: buceriuslab.de/stadt-land-zukunft

Contact person: 
Dr. Amelie Zimmermann, Head of the Bucerius Lab, zimmermann@zeit-stiftung.de

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